According to Wikipedia, Water is a transparent fluid which forms the world’s streams, lakes, oceans and rain, and is the major constituent of the fluids of living things. Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. It is vital for all known forms of life. Water on Earth moves continually through the water cycle of evaporation and transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and runoff, usually reaching the sea.

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Youth politics with a Bang!!!

Youths and politics in Kenya has been a very common thing. Most young people have diverted their ambitions to politics. Allot has changed over the past few years regarding politics. A philosopher by the name Daniel Shea said that “theirs a great deal of data to show that youth involvement in politics is the greatest its been since the 1960’s”.  In Riara University, we had to interview few students, and see what they thought about the youths engaging themselves in politics. Our first Audio clip was from Nancy Gacheri who thinks politics with youth is not a bad idea, below is an audio clip of what she had to say.

Another audio by a student at Riara University Edna Lusega said that youth being involved in politics helps them nurture their leadership skills at a tender age which she fully supports young leadership. It’s a good thing to think about the future and that’s what I feel Kenyan youths are targeting. Our second audio clip talks much more about youth leadership in a full length.

According to Eunice a student, politics is negative to the youth as it isn’t portrayed in the most positive light in the country. The youth should be empowered through different rallies in the society through politics but it is not very applicable in this modern society where politicians are corrupt or are allegedly corrupt.

The fourth clip is video which was done by Ann Motari, she thinks youth politics is promising in Kenya. She wants to be the president of Kenya in future and for her to achieve that ambition, she has formed a party that she believes by 2030, it will be strong and able to convince the Kenyan people as a whole why they should have her as the president.



Kenya, a country on the continent of Africa, is widely known for its wildlife; both plants and animals. The country has diverse wildlife though mostly known for hosting the big five, i.e the majestic African elephant, the king of the jungle – lion, the rhinoceros (both white and black), the buffalo and last but not least the elusive leopard. The following is some general information on the big five according to Wikipedia;

Cape Buffalo

Also known as the African Buffalo are known to be the most dangerous animal in Africa. They can be found at Nairobi National Park, Mt Kenya, Meru National Park, and Kora National Park


Most are being relocated to safe places because of their endangerment, but there are still many wild rhino roaming Kenya. Although there are few places for visitors to see them, you are sure to find them at Nairobi National Park.


Found in many different habitats in Kenya. They can be found from the hot coast lands to the cool moorlands of the Aberdares and Mt Kenya range. A few of these places are Mt Kenya, Meru National Park, Kora National Park, and Amboseli National Park


A powerful predator who uses its power to its advantage. It can be found all over Kenya, and in places such as Nairobi National Park, Mt Kenya, and Kora National Park


Another predator who, like the lion, has much brute force and uses it. They hunt at night and use their excellent eyesight to spot and kill their prey. They can be found at Nairobi National Park, Mt Kenya, Meru National Park, Kora National Park, and over almost all of Kenya.

photo  courtesy of : http://projeksatudunia.blogspot.com/2011/09/africa-big-five.html

To get more information on the big five you can check out the following sites : 

I appreciate my students’ contributions from their laptops

Laptops and smartphones should be used in class when and where needed. Some students are easily distracted whether the electronic devices are available or not! Heck, one can still write notes and use a laptop to do a quick research on a subject the professor is talking about in the same lesson. Definitely a good read.

The Buttry Diary

My distracting laptop My distracting laptop

I’ve updated this post after discussing the issue with my class. 

I can think of no journalism professors I admire more than Clay Shirky and Jay Rosen. But I (so far) disagree with them on the subject of whether to allow students to use laptops and mobile devices during class.

Clay has explained in a blog post why he bans computers from his classroom. Jay chimed in his agreement:

They both have notably more classroom experience than I do, and they might be right. I encourage you to read Clay’s full explanation and won’t try to summarize it here, but he cites research about how multitasking can interfere with learning.

My limited experience is different. I was very…

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